8th June 2016

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Designing and creating objects is only half of the a journey for a designer or craftsperson. Getting the product seen by the public at large and getting press coverage is also very important. You’re required to be multi disciplined in industries that you would consciously never pursue. Even before the finished product, you need to think about how to market, PR, advertise and sell your product. Big brands have an infrastructure and support network of professionals that take care of all of this detail but as a designer about to launch a product, how do you compete?

With a great product and, above all, passionate belief in what you’ve produced, you can achieve comparable exposure with a targeted campaign and low financial outlay. There is no rule and it depends on your market but there is a basic level of information required for you to be prepared when dealing with the media and general public. A package of information, both words and images, needs to be produced and supplied. Who, when and how should you contact publications? What level of information is required and what format is expected? These are just some of the question that you need to ask yourself.