8th June 2016

Ted Wood 15-14390Sounds too good….
We know it does! This question is asked a lot. We do it because we want to help up and coming designers and craftspeople who don’t have the support network or finances to generate styled imagery.

What coverage…
continuing on what you’ve said….Working with Elizabeth Machin PR we generate press releases which are then forwarded both nationally and internationally to titles and journalists. Past applicants have been featured in monthly glossy titles both as individuals or products, newspapers, received bursaries to attend trade shows along with various online coverage.

Where are you based?
We’re based in London but will travel within reason. The shooting day is from 9-6 so consideration needs to be keep in mind for the time it takes to get and to from the location. Without compromising the concept of the shoot we collectively need to way up the most cost effective approach. The £200 needs to spread a long way.

Who decides on the approach for the shoot?
It’s a collective decision. Once your application has been accepted, we meet and discuss your needs along with a rough approach and concept. We then go and work up the concept and logistics and represent them for the next meeting to be discussed and agreed. You have the final say!


How much are you able to help with branding and my website?
Under the CoOp we can go as far as critiquing, advising and supply contacts on what direction you could possible take. I’m sure you can appreciate the time and cost in designing and building a webs site not something we can offer.

How does the PR company help me after the shoot?
We compile a PR release with all the relevant information about product that’s been shot along with your company details. This is forward to the &PR team who with their incredible list of contacts in the industry then send out the release. They will be the initial contact who will then forward all queries directly to yourself to handle. The team will also brief you on what will be expected of you in terms of journalists requests.

Am I able to apply twice?
We appreciate with all the will in the world your situation won’t have changed over night so yes, you can apply a second time around.

*Desinature CC 19_RT_2

Am I able to used the images for web, social media, PR and marketing?
Yes. You have usage for all of these excluding advertising. If you’re not sure where the line is drawn, generally if you are paying to place your image somewhere, it’s advertising. If you can afford to advertise you most likely are able to afford our full day rights. Should this be the case you wouldn’t meet within the criteria of working with the CoOp! We ask for an image credit when ever is possible. We do appreciate this is out of your control at times. Creative CoOp retains the copyright.